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Tony's Top 50 Metal Mascots
by Tony Wraight


Car Mascot  Car Mascot Showcase
  8 - Three Wise Monkeys  

For the past thirty years I have been the world’s foremost dealer in metal and glass pre-war mascots of quality, and I thought it would be interesting for you to see photographs of the very finest that I have found during the past few years.

  22 - Dragonfly Girl  
  6 - Egyptian Goddess  

Of the possible 20,000 different types of mascots used on cars since 1900, there are only a handful that can be called true ‘Works of Art’. My personal favourites are ones that combine style and sense of movement, amusing animal or character subjects, plus ones that represent the grandeur of a bygone age. I leave the history and research of mascots to a person far more proficient than myself - Michel LeGrand has covered this already in great depth in his exceptional books 'Mascottes Automobiles' and 'Mascottes Passion'.

  47 - Racing Driver  
  32 - Nudes on Moon  
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  7 - Bird with Ivory Beak  

Note: At the end of a description associated with each mascot you may see a code. This is a reference that this particular mascot is referenced in that book on that page. For example MLG679 refers to 'Mascottes Automobiles' by Michel Legrand - mascot 679. The meaning of the codes are as follows:
  • MLG - 'Mascottes Automobiles' by Michel Legrand
  • MP - 'Mascottes Passion' by Michel Legrand
  • WW - 'Motoring Mascots of the World' by William C. Williams
  • SS - 'Car Mascots, an Enthusiasts Guide' by Guiseppe Di Siriganano & David Sulzberger
  • MC - 'Mascot Catalogs' by Robert Ames
Click here for a full list of these and other references.

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