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Tony's Top 50 Metal Mascots
4 La Fee Electrique
La Fee Electrique  

'La Fee Electrique'. Exceptionally rare car mascot of the Automobiles Viriot & Janin C.E.M.S. Company 1917. The large silver plated nude is laid out, her hair flowing down her back and cascading along one arm. The other arm is outstretched and holding the lightning bolts radiator emblem of the car in her hand. This emblem is finished in yellow and green enamel and is further emphasised by the plaques outer lightning bolt daggers in three dimensional relief, giving a further impression of speed. The mascot is signed L.Coupe, and dated 1917. The automobile makers Viriot and Janin were based in Suresnes in Western Paris, and made their vehicles, similarly named, in their workshops at 4, Rue du Commandant Riviere. MP92.

L.Coupe Signature

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