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Large Mermaid - Naļade
Lalique Naļade Mascot
  • Catalogue number
  • First Introduced
  • Still in Production
  • Dimensions
    13 cm high
  • Signature :- Moulded R.Lalique in relief, just above tail fin.
  • Mount used :- Large full collar.
  • Colour Variations :- Clear glass and Blue/white opalescence.
  • Fakes \ Copies :- In recent years, a few deep purple glass pieces have appeared on the marketplace. Genuine clear examples have been irradiated recently to achieve this effect. Great caution and expert help should be sought when these are offered for sale to determine their validity. See note under Fakes in the body of the Lalique mascot article for more information.
  • Original Cost Price :- Unknown.

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