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Peacock's Head - Tête De Paon
Lalique Peacock's Head Mascot
  • Catalogue number
  • First Introduced
    3rd February 1928
  • Still in Production
  • Dimensions
    17.7 cm high
  • Signature :- R.Lalique intaglio moulded on lower edge of neck. 'France' raised moulded marking inside the mounting ring.
  • Mount used :- Large split collar.
  • Colour Variations :- Normally produced in Clear and frosted glass. A handful of electric blue turquoise examples exist, but are exceptionally rare.
  • Fakes \ Copies :- Recently a few modern extreme 'white' frosted glass copies of this piece have appeared in France. The R.Lalique moulded signature is extremely poorly defined and the glass has frosting, as opposed to the 'greyer, leadier look' on old original Lalique glass. The France marking inside the mounting ring is missing on these pieces.
  • Original Cost Price :- 320 FF - Clear. 350 FF - Colour.

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