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Lalique Mascot Report

by Tony Wraight

Lalique Mascot Article
Lalique Mascot Article

For nearly thirty years I have been buying Lalique pre-war mascots around the world so I thought I would take this opportunity to share just a little of the excitement of collecting and handling these beautiful works of art and why I can highly recommend investment in this medium at the present time.

I have been very privileged to assemble the worlds foremost private collections during the past thirty years, and I have probably handled more Lalique mascots than anyone else in recent years. Whenever I handle a new find, the thrill is just as strong- something about the feel of the glass, and the fact of handling such a beautiful work of art; a treasure in glass, always sets my heart beating faster. I now feel certain that my quest will continue until I die. I am very pleased to advise on all aspects of Lalique mascot buying and selling, and I am always happy to purchase pieces directly from private and trade sources.

Picture of a Comet car mascot
Comet car mascot

Only a very few examples remain to be discovered now, so it is a good time to buy, before they disappear altogether- as each piece appears, always to be treasured in collections around the world, very seldom will they be offered to the open market place again. Prices are on the move upwards yet again- over the years prices have always risen- sometimes a gentle rise, sometimes with great momentum- like between 1988-1990 it rose to very high levels indeed, then settled steadily, then it rose yet again, starting again last year, now finding new admirers. In 1990-1992 prices of virtually all antiques fell victim to world-wide recession, but Lalique mascots have proven themselves to be remarkably resiliant to price decrease due to the scarcity of perfect pieces appearing on the marketplace.

Picture of a Ram's Head car mascot
Ram's Head car mascot

I would like to give advice to anyone contemplating starting a collection to firstly study carefully my Web page article on René Lalique mascots. When you realise how many types were made - the acquisition of a complete collection is obviously open to only a very small number of collectors, so surely the best way to start is to choose the examples that take your fancy, in the price range that you are able to handle financially. My advice would be to only buy perfect examples, for the resale value is mainly concerned with condition- however I know of one collector who has built up a collection of chipped and damaged examples, a source of great pleasure to him, as he is aware that it is his only chance of acquiring so many different examples, given his own price constraints. I feel that the novice collector should limit themselves to clear examples, as even the hint of a tint increases their value greatly, with of course examples in colour being the most prized. I know of one major USA collector who now only seeks these out to complete his collection- but again his search will last a lifetime.

Whatever way you decide to start your collection, remember that you are entering another world- a glamorous world of beautiful cars and the prized skills of long departed glass craftsmen. A private world that lives on when each new generation discovers the beauty and thrill of collecting glass car mascots, and one that unlike cars themselves, need no maintenance, and given a steady hand, will last forever.

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